Product Strategy

For all products

  • Defining the vision and the scope of your product.
  • Identify main pillars of the product strategy based on the vision.
  • Step by step plan to achieve the vision, go to market and have the highest impact.
  • Identify the methods, obstacles, and measures for the product success
  • Pricing Strategy
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Product/Market Fit

Ideal for new products or existing products that are not performing as expected.

Pricing Strategy

Ideal for brand new products or for entering new markets with existing ones

  • Analyze your current product and targeted market
  • Analyze competitors and competitors' price
  • Identify the best pricing strategy to successful place your product in the market
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"Alessandra's expertise and guidance in product strategy have been of tremendous value to nybl. She's played a critical role in guiding our product teams through developing our product strategy. She takes the time to understand our goals clearly and researches to understand our market and product offering to guide our team through the product strategy development process. The fact that she educates the team throughout the process is a tremendous value add, she's teaching us how to fish!"