Alessandra Scicchitano, Ph.D.

My focus is Product Strategy for Tech. I have more than 15 years of experience in the technical field working with tech products. My background is a mix of technology, software development, human and user experience.

"An Italian living in Switzerland with a too complicated surname."
I have been breathing technology since I was 18 years old. I have a degree in Computer Engineering, a PhD in Systems and Computer Engineering and a diploma in UX Research and Design. I worked as Researcher, Software Engineer and Project Manager for more than 10 years in different technical projects, most of them funded by the European Commission. I've published several peer-reviewed papers and traveled the world to present my work at different international conferences.

My deep knowledge and experience cover different fields from Network Performance to Emerging technologies like AI and VR passing through Cybersecurity and Identity Management.

Few years ago I started AURES where I help startups and companies build their strategies to bring high-impact tech products to the market. I'm a strong advocate for human-centred technology focusing on improving human experience and quality of life. I'm also a mentor in different accelerators, a University Lecturer teaching at the Swiss Business School, and an InnoSuisse expert, the agency from the Swiss Government that supports and accelerates innovation in Switzerland.

At the moment I am an advisor to the following companies:

Reya Health helps people find the right birth control option for them. As a digital contraceptive counseling tool, Reya puts the user at the forefront and provides personalized information and support to guide people through their unique birth control journey and help them feel comfortable and confident with the contraceptive that they choose.

nybl is smarter AI: a knowledge-driven machine learning platform that turns mountains of underutilized data into actionable intelligence.

Carecorp is a trusted leader in caregiving for seniors that designs care specifically on the needs of the elderlies and their family.

And a mentor at the following accelerators: